Idea Development: World War Wizards

Hello dear readers!

Its homework time for KT again and I’m so keen to get into it!

*Lubes up laptop orifices*
*Massages brain spiracles*
*Rubs on the nipple mustard*


What? Homework? WTF is this guy talking about?

For those stumbling onto my blog for the first time, or those accidental visitors brought by the search term “nipple mustard” (Hi, you are about to be very disappointed), here is a little background.

A few weeks ago I started a writing group with a few friends. Nothing flash, just a few lads on a discord chat talking about writing stuff, word counts, etc. To drive discussion, we decided to listen to the Writing Excuses podcast, starting from Season 10 (as recommended).

Each episode comes with homework and at the moment I have been using my blog to post my homework activities (except for last weeks homework, which has developed into a far larger story than I expected and I am still working on it).

This week’s episode (10.4) was a Q&A about ideas, and asked us to revisit an idea we developed earlier, and…

“…then audition five different characters for the lead role in that story. Make sure they’re all different from each other.”

Well, the idea I’m most excited about from the last round of homework was my World War Wizards story. At least that’s what my ‘High-Magic fantasy veterans’ idea morphed into. The idea is pretty loose at the moment – more of a setting than a story idea really. But what the hell, its where I want to play at the moment and here we are. And here we go.

Quick and dirty background

Magic exists on the world of Erth (quick & dirty right), many different types and many different flavours. What is common is that Magic is teachable. It’s like maths, or a language – it is possible for anyone to learn. Each nation has developed different magic specialties that align with intersection of ley-lines which make a particular type of magic more common or easier. Whether the different magical types affect the cultures that develop in each nation, or whether the culture influences the magic is up for open debate.

Otherwise assume standard fantasy/medieval tropes.

The world has just come to the end of the Wizard War – a global conflict where most nations joined one of two sides (the Nexus or the Alignment) and due to magical escalation, new devastating spells were developed and released, much of the common soldiery was taught combat spells, and millions were killed. The Alignment won, the Nexus was broken, and now the magically taught soldiers have returned to their lives, trying to reinsert themselves into the normal world.

Our main character is one of these Wizard soldiers.

Character 1: Desecrating Druid


The Pacifist Druids of the Grove started notionally neutral in the war, and maintained a carefully political position that involved overtly taking no side. They did however, take a strong diplomatic position against the Nexus who they felt were ‘dealing in unnatural and destructive powers’, and assisted the Alignment with information. Once the Nexus began pushing into their forests, the Druids formally joined the Alignment and assisted where they could, by providing healing, passive protection, and maintaining supply lines. When the Nexus started to annex the Grove, the Druids were almost dropped by the rest of the Alignment – as they were not seen as contributing their share in the war, and given the likely cost in lives to recover the Grove…perhaps they should be left to the Nexus?

Fearful of being abandoned, Grove High Druids authorised use of the forbidden arts of Desecration. These Druids were sent out to destroy huge tracks of farmland, blighting animals and crops in Nexus and conquered territories, starving the Nexus soldiers and heavily contributing to the Alignment win. The Alignment stayed with the Druids and the Grove itself was almost untouched by war, meaning much of the insular populace have no real idea what the war involved.

Character Concept:

Our character is a young Desecrator, a man haunted by what he has done. His pacifist and nature-loving countrymen hate him, spit on him, turn from him. He is seen as no better than the Nexus dark arts users, and indeed blamed for some of the Nexus escalation into mass corpse raising and demonology. His hands are blackened by the magical act of desecration, and he can no longer touch a plant without it shrivelling or an animal without it shying away. Fresh fruit and vegetables rot in his hands, and gloves quickly decompose. He lives on dried meats and breads, which reinforce his distance from the mostly vegetarian countrymen. In his dreams, the starving cries of the Nexus civilians, women and children torture him.

He is defined by his guilt, his self-loathing, and his anger at others. He is angry at the High Council for authorising the use, he is angry at his countrymen for celebrating his actions during the war but so quickly turning on him and his fellow Desecrators upon the end of the war. He hates them and he hates himself.

What does he want?

He wants the Desecrated curse gone. He wants acknowledgment of his sacrifice and his pain. He wants redemption for his actions.

Whew, that took a bit longer than I thought. I’ll try to do another one tomorrow and upload it them. Maybe I can knock out one a day? A…week of posts?


Anyway, cheers! Let me know what you think.


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