Using Scapple to plan a story

Welcome to the planning of my horror screenplay;

The Mathening: Lowest Common Denominator

Pic from math fail

Published by: wildbilbo

My name is Kristian Thoroughgood, alternately known as KT to my friends, or @WildBilbo on twitter. As of August 2015, I am forty years old. Australian. My blog is intended to be both a place for me to polish my creative writing muscles (not a double entendre) and for others to read and comment on my musings. Expect short stories, articles, essays and other brain dumps. My opinions are my own, and whilst I take care to be at least moderately informed about any topic I speak or write about, these opinions are subject to rapid change in the face of passionate arguments and greater evidence. Please note - on my blog, Evidence beats Passion.

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One thought on “Using Scapple to plan a story”

  1. I’ve been revisiting blogs of old, saw you as a commentator on one and wanted to see what you’ve been up to. I hope the writing is still inspiring you to keep slogging through the sludge (as you mentioned in a Twitter post.)

    The one upside to Quarantine is, I have been more dedicated to reaching out and seeing how people are doing. No matter how belatedly that might be, it is a sincere effort to take in other people’s achievements–or struggles–so I feel less alone in mine.


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