Idea Development: World War Wizards

Hello dear readers!

Its homework time for KT again and I’m so keen to get into it!

*Lubes up laptop orifices*
*Massages brain spiracles*
*Rubs on the nipple mustard*


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You give Love(craft) a bad name

Let’s pretend this happy little squid is actually a Cthulhu-esque horror instead. Thanks.

So, back again with a super short post.

Current WiP progress is a bit less than I’d like; only 5,984 words. This is less than I should be if I was getting my 350 words a day, but I wrote almost nothing last week with a bad cold.

How bad?

I didn’t even play the PlayStation.

*pause for gasps of horror*

I know, right. Incredible. It’s astounding I pulled through really.

Anyway, back on it the last few days, getting my 350 which is nice, but I figure I’ve got about 1000…maybe 1,500 words to catch up. Not easy, but not impossible. It’ll just take time.

Listened to the Writing Excuses podcast again up to Episode 10.3. on Lovecraftian Horror. Not a bad episode, but Lovecraftian horror is one of my favourite genres, so my enjoyment is perhaps not entirely unexpected.

There was also homework:

Take a character, and from that character’s point of view, describe their reaction to something horrific and awful, but do so without describing the thing itself.

Which I am doing, but – well I’m 800 words in, and I’m pretty much just scratching the surface. I’m going to keep working on it (after my 350 a day), and see what comes out at the end. If it’s trash, then it does in the dust bin, and the exercise was worth it as an exercise. If its ok, then I’ll post it here for comment.

If its actually good… well lets not get ahead of ourselves.  I guess might actually submit it somewhere first.

Anyway, as its a longer piece of work, I wouldn’t necessarily expect to see it here in a hurry.

Cheers all






Expanding on ideas

Hello readers!

I use the plural because I’m sure there are at least two of you…

Time for another blog update. The motivation has been consistent – the discussions in the Pony Club are helping thrash out some plot issues, belting around ideas to get to the real meat within, and generally just keeping me accountable. It’s great, and if you are not a member of a writing group, you should look into it.

Primary WiP is slowly progressing under the Zero Fuckery method of 350 words a day; currently at 4,753, although this is a few days behind due to a bad cold keeping me in bed.

I’ve also bashed around a little plot idea for a second WiP that has got me enthused, but that I’m only allowed to look at when I’ve progressed the Primary WiP. That’s right kids, Primary WiP before Secondary.

Anyway, here is the homework for Writing Excuses Season 10 Episode 2, following on from last week’s topic. This episode is about expanding ideas and developing it towards a story.

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Riding my ponies

Hi folks

Blogging again.

Who the hell do I think I am? Some sort of…blogger?

What arrogance.

The absolute nerve.

I know, I know, but… what can I say? I’m feeling inspired. Who knows how long this will last? Days? Weeks? I’ve got to ride this pony while it’s running.

So saddle up pardner; we’re going Word Rustling.

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Know Idea? Where the hell do you get ideas from?

Generating story ideas…

You know, I remember being good at this. It wasn’t that long ago even (I think). But today, when trying to come up with 5 story ideas… Christ, it was hard as hell.

I recall reading somewhere that creativity is a muscle, and if you don’t exercise it, you lose form. It gets harder. A few years ago, I was doing this every week, every day even. Every Friday Fiction or TerribleMinds writing prompt was like a creative bench-press or bicep curl (or squat – don’t skip leg day kids).

But its been so long that… today it felt like that part of my brain had completely atrophied.


So why am I talking about ideas? Two reasons:

  1. I recently joined a writers group – just a casual thing with some good mates who are all ‘authorly inclined’. So, needless to say, 2 days in, I’m inspired. Is authorly a word?  Meh, it is now.
  2. As part of the writers group, we listened to Writing Excuses Season 10 Episode 1: Seriously, where do you get your ideas?

Check it out, its a few years old now, and its brief (15 minutes).

And it has homework.

Write down five different story ideas in 150 words or less. Generate these ideas from these five sources:

  1. From an interview or conversation you’ve had
  2. From research you’ve done (reading science news, military history, etc)
  3. From observation (go for a walk!)
  4. From a piece of media (watch a movie)
  5. From a piece of music (with or without lyrics)

This exercise might not generate the very best ideas you’ve ever had, but it will definitely flex your idea muscles in new ways.

From Writing Excuses Season 10 Episode 1.

So, here is my homework. Five ideas I belted out while eating a salad at lunch. Feel free to let me know what you think. Continue reading

Long time brewing

Today I wrote 354 words (total 2,133). As I think I said, I’m starting a new story, a new book idea, and I’m unsure of…well pretty much everything about it.

The origin of this book idea was…oh, a year ago? Two?

*checks date*

Apparently it was over three years ago, June 2015. Strewth.

Anyway (without giving anything away) the idea came from from a random word generated prompt given by Chuck Wendig. There was a site, you clicked the button and it pumped out a random few words. Boom. Story idea said Chuck. 2000 words of flash fiction. So I clicked the button. The site gave me my words:

“Pussy Alternator”

Bugger me but this was a great prompt.

I never actually wrote the flash fiction, but the core story idea has gurgled in the back of my head like a backed up septic tank now for 3 years, and I figure I’ve got to either get a plunger to drag the blockage out, or flush my fat head down with to finally stop the noise.

So here we are, plunging away. Back at ‘Pussy Alternator’ (of course this is the placeholder name for my story), and planning to build a 90,000 word book around a dumb idea I got from a random site 3 years ago.

Ever had a story idea that’s taken a while to rise, to bake, to brew to completion? If you’re interested, here is the link to the prompt page: give it a hit and let me know what comes up!

*clicks again*

“Ecstatic Gobble”

This is the best site ever.





Bill’s Story (age 6) ‘The Book’


The Book – a scary story by Bill T

I gave my son Bill a notebook for him to write a story. This was his Creation:

The Book

Once there was a book and it was magic. When anyone read it they will have a curse on them and it will never wear off. The curse was the same; the curse was their pants were on fire.

That’s it. The whole story. Six years old and he’s written The Necronomicon. Not bad IMHO.

I dropped another 359 words – they didn’t seem to be anywhere near as concise as Bill’s.