A Bundle of Brief Book Reviews: Writing Advice (Part 1)

photo credit: via photopin (license)

photo credit: via photopin (license)

Hi folks – doing a bit of catch up at the moment, covering a few book reviews I got too lazy to do towards the end of 2015. I thought that I might cover off on a few very brief reviews on a similar topic – Writing Advice. I’m still holding onto delusions of eventually developing into a writer, and so in last year I consumed large amounts of guidance and advice from a range of authors to develop my writing process, to refine and improve what talent I have, and to inspire my imagination.

Books on writing advice (as well as blogs, twitter, articles etc) are some of the best guidance you can get, but it’s important to realise that every author is different, as are you. No one else’s method is guaranteed to suit you, and I firmly believe that continuous practice and experimentation is the best way to figure out ‘your way’. So my advice is to read many books on writing, check a range of blog posts and quotes on the different ways to do thing, and try them out until you find what works for you. After all this research? Well…‘you do you’, as it were.

That said…some advice books are better than others, so I’m  happy to give you my view of the following four books:

Part one (below):

Part two (in the next post):

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