Keeping things interesting

Well another day down, and another day where it wasn’t too hard to get the words down.

I did waste about 10 minutes on twitter, but that’s actually not too bad for me. Twitter is a real trap for me (A constantly refreshing distraction from things I should be doing? YES PLEASE!).

Daily word count: 367

Total word count: 18,908

Not far off 19,000 words, which is not far off 20k. I might reward myself with that milestone…maybe I need to factor in a system of rewards – something cool at every 10k perhaps? I’ll think about it. Just something to keep things interesting.

Speaking of keeping things interesting, I’ve been doing a few side projects as well as this writing. I’ve started mucking about with learning how to code with Coding for Dummies – something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. I’ve also started plotting out a small project that has been lingering in the back of my mind for a while now – its a writing project, but not this novel. I wont go into that, because I’m not actually sure if I will keep going or not.

But anyway – these are all things for me to do in little bits and chunks so I can achieve something without getting overwhelmed. Or maybe I’ll fail at all of them and feel bad about three things.

Let’s see!




A deep breath before diving



Digital Scrachpad Doodle – by KT

So, back again.


I didn’t write last on the last two nights. I had forgotten that Thursday was Nerd Night, and I had a great time playing a new PS4 game (Drawn to Death – interesting little game with seriously immature humour which happens to be spot on for this 41-going-on-15 individual).  I didn’t write last night because I was dosed up on painkillers (hurt my shoulder lifting my daughter up because I’m also 41-going-on-85).

But tonight…

Daily word count: 431

Total word count: 18,541

So not a bad amount, and I pumped it out pretty quick. It didn’t hurt as much getting the words down this time, and was in a far better headspace than I have been for weeks.

I’ve got a few good tips, both on this blog and in real life, but something that has helped me recently both getting back into writing and actually getting things done at work has been doodling. Not drawing, just doodling.

I’ve been watching a few YouTube videos and found this spacey artist (Peter Draws) on whose art is as mesmerising as his weird videos (here is ‘How to Doodle‘). Anyway, I did the above today which is kind of a ‘digital scrachpad’ – in that I coloured a layer in multiple bright colours, then placed a black layer over the top, and then doodled the above using the eraser tool (and the 4 way symmetry tool). It’s kinda silly and really simple, but the repetition of shapes and patterns is as relaxing as hell, and I gotta really recommend it if you need to change gears. The aim isn’t to get a masterpiece, just to make some marks on paper (physical or digital.

After I did this doodle I set it up for my kids, and they played with it too. Fun for the whole family 🙂

Anyway, lets hope I see you tomorrow night with another update! Maybe I’ll write. Maybe I’ll doodle some more. Maybe both.




Breaking, not broken

20 days off.


Now, I did plan for those first…7 days. Yay!

But then…Busy period at work. Then social engagements. Then Gastro. For 3 days of spewing and feeling awful, then 3 more days of general malaise. Not conductive for planning or writing. As I recovered, I watched TV.

And after I got better, I kept watching TV instead of writing. Stranger Things and Daredevil are very good – to watch. Not so good for the word count.

To be honest, I really enjoyed the time watching TV – it was great to get back into some good stories outside of a book. And it was good to sit down in the same room as my wife, instead of us both sitting alone. Kinda got the impression it was good for the marriage too separate interests are necessary, but you need to do SOME things together.

And so here we are – 20 days off writing, and time to get back into it.

Only I’ve left it too late tonight and I don’t think I’ll get much done. Oh well. Current plan is to write down my planning, and start working on shifting my plan from Scapple to Scrivener then reordering into something sensible.

So I expect to have a word count tomorrow. If I get a few words tonight, I will update this post. If not…its no big deal 🙂

Back into it baby!




Comedic stylings

Currently reading this book on the bus:


Early in, and it’s interesting. It’s far more like a text book than I expected, and as such it is not meant to be ridiculously funny (it’s a book about comedy, not a comedy book) – I find that reassuring, as it gives an impression that writing comedy could be a learned skill, not a talent one is born with.

Now, I like to think that I am a funny person – although I suspect that is true of most people. But I have always tended to shy away from writing comedy as it seems to put more pressure on me than writing seriously. Whilst I’m not planning any comedy novels just yet (one thing at a time), I would like to see how it’s done.

For now, I’ve been trying to work on a few jokes on Twitter, just to see how they get received. I’ll post a few below, feel free to let me know what you think (including telling me to keep my day job).

*looks back over these tweets*

…I’ll keep reading.

Daily word count: 510 (35o daily + 160 catch up)

Catch up remaining: 888

Total word count: 16,614

Daily soundtrack:

Slacking off…oh no.


Hit up for all your oh no needs.

I have been slack.

Getting home tired, headaches, mild illnesses, fear of alien abduction,…I’ve got all the excuses in the world, but really…SLACK.

So I just did a quick mathening.

I started writing on the 29th of November. This means I have had 47 writing days (remember I write 5 days out of 7).

I should have at least 47 x 350 or…*mathening intensifies*…16,450.

*Looks at last post*

Only…15,200. Damn.

So what does this mean?

I give up.



Obviously I’m not being serious here. What it means is I’ve got a shortfall of 1,250 or 4 days. What it means is I need to do some real catch up.

What it means is I need to be *less slack* and do my damn writing.

So when I start writing tonight I’m going to get my 350 words (to maintain ground), and then try to do some more to catch up. Not so much that I’m hating the process, but some. And I’ll try the same thing again the next night, and the night after that, until I am all caught up.

And then…?

Let’s see.

I figure I can’t be the only person who struggles with keeping a schedule like this. Let me know if you’ve got any good tips for keeping on the ball and keeping the motivation up – I could use some!



Choose your own dystopia

Saw a great article on the Guardian just before I started typing this blog post, written in response to the jump in sales of 1984 by George Orwell thanks to the first horror week of the Trump Regime.  The article makes a good point – Trump’s vision for America could be any one of many possible dystopian futures, so when reading up (preparing/bracing yourself for the worst), I recommend you read widely (cover those bases people).

Also, maybe check out some history too.

While you’re here, maybe respond to my gallows-humour tweet that asks:

If none of the above, let me know how you think you’ll meet your apocalyptic end – leave a message here or on twitter!

Writing…had a stressful week at work and not much sleep in the heat, so writing was not consistent for the last week. Trying to do some catch up at the moment – although I really should calculate how far behind I am.

Writing Time: about an hour (a little twitter and research in that I’m afraid)

Daily word count: 724

Total word count: 15,200

Soundtrack: (this was actually really effective) 


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

And…stay safe. Wherever you are.


Quick update

Another quick update – I’m writing a slightly longer and more personal blog post at the moment, and it’s taking some time to get my head around what I exactly want to say…

Anyway, it means that I write a small amount there, and don’t have more stuff for a proper post today.

So – bare essentials today:

Daily word count: 399

Total word count: 14,476

Time writing: 36 minutes

Today’s soundtrack: