The illusionist’s wife: A three-sentence-story

Eye - used with permission

Eye – used with permission

The magician’s audience sat silent, stunned. Drawing back the curtain, his wife had revealed the performer, bare-arsed and aggressively thrusting into a large-breasted and dull-eyed blonde who was bent over the ‘Sawing-a-Girl-in-Half’ box.

“Wait,” the illusionist cried in desperation to his wife, “this is not what it looks like!”

Just a quick one – this one I wrote in late July, for a challenge on Terribleminds.

I’m a bit enamoured of the super-short ones at the moment (not just laziness – really!). I read this one on the New Yorker which really tickled me:

“Houston, We Have a Problem,” by J. Matthew Zoss.

I’m sorry, but there’s not enough air in here for everyone. I’ll tell them you were a hero.

This piece is also referenced in this article which is a learning or educational piece.



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