Day two: another 367 words

Daily word count 367/Total word count 756

Tonight’s writing music:

So second night in a row. Literally the smallest of wins possible, but one I will celebrate. These words also suck. But perhaps…perhaps for all their suckage they flowed a little easier ?

Christ I hope so.

For those curious, I am trying to do Chuck Wendig’s one book in a year method – mostly because it is setting the goal ridiculously low and its the most I think I can possibly do right now. It’s 350 words (minimum) 5 days a week. This gives a person just over 90,000 words…or one book.

I’m expecting to have write twice this amount just to get something of quality…but let’s not get ahead of myself.

No grand pronouncements here. No plans, lofty goals, detailed schemes…just words written. Daily counts.

Do or do not.

Day two: 367.



FYI – Currently reading ‘Death’s End’ by Cixin Liu – hell of a good book and great end to the trilogy.

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