When the Muse is a saucy minx

Got struck with a story idea today. A sexy story idea…Damn it. I’m already working on one story. I can’t drop it this early!

Sigh… What to do?

All the advice I’ve read is to stay faithful to your story, or as Chuck puts it:

You might be doing it wrong if…

If you keep cheating on your current manuscript by porking other, momentarily-sexier manuscripts behind the barn, yep, that’s some wrong-flavored wrongness with hot wrong sauce.

Terrible Minds, Chuck Wendig


That’s some red hot inspiration that landed today…I’d hate to waste that. So, I did cheat. A little.

First, I did my daily writing. I got my 350 words down, and I did my duty. I progressed my manuscript as I needed to do. And only after this did I fool around with the new idea.

I don’t think that juggling two or more stories is possible in the long term, but I also think that failing to make as many notes as possible on the other story idea would be a mistake, as I would be certain to forget it. And if tomorrow I want to write some more…I will.

But only after I’ve done my 350 words.

Duty first.

So what do you think – do you mix things up and work on several stories, or do you stick it through to the end? How does it work for you?



Today’s stats

Daily word count: 352

Time: 32 minutes

Total word count: 13,668

Today’s soundtrack:

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My name is Kristian Thoroughgood, alternately known as KT to my friends, or @WildBilbo on twitter. As of August 2015, I am forty years old. Australian. My blog is intended to be both a place for me to polish my creative writing muscles (not a double entendre) and for others to read and comment on my musings. Expect short stories, articles, essays and other brain dumps. My opinions are my own, and whilst I take care to be at least moderately informed about any topic I speak or write about, these opinions are subject to rapid change in the face of passionate arguments and greater evidence. Please note - on my blog, Evidence beats Passion.

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3 thoughts on “When the Muse is a saucy minx”

  1. Well done on displaying such discipline. It is seductive to develop a fresh idea in case if gets forgotten or goes stale waiting in the wings. But it we follow every flight of fancy, nothing will ever get finished.

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